Where did @20 come from..?

This concept evolved from an online community of musicians who thought that raising some additional money for those less fortunate via Prize Draws for cool gear would be a great thing to do. Not only do some very worthy causes get a little extra help, but someone gets to bag a great piece of gear for beer money!

Of course, with this being a 'lottery', there are checks, balances and a raft of legal requirements which have to be met. Whilst all the bureaucracy made a relatively simple idea far more complicated and onerous, we're pleased to have worked it through as the essence of what we originally intended remains and the benefits are clear to see.

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy kindly published an article on their website which explains some the background to @20

Which charities have been supported by @20 to date..?
How do you demonstrate that the actual draw process is transparent..?

Every entrant is allocated a number from 1 to 59 which is published online before a Draw is made and the National Lottery Bonus Ball simply determines the winner on a pre-advertised date.

Who profits from this..?

@20 is a not-for-profit Unincorporated Association governed by committee nominated and elected by @20 Members. By it's very nature, it's not allowed to make a 'profit'. We have a committed group of like-minded volunteers who help steer the ship and after all direct costs are met, the remainder of the revenue raised by each Draw goes to a charity nominated by @20 members (minimum of 20% by law).

I've done some maths and it seems the revenue generated from ticket sales is more than that value of the item - why is that..?

It's a basic fact of life and an unavoidable by-product that if things are to be done right and above board, there will be resultant costs. These costs have to be met or the concept is bound to fail and disappear.

Here's how the quantity and price of tickets for each draw are arrived at:

* In each Prize Draw, there are 59 tickets (or multiples thereof for higher value items).

* The @20 Management Committee agree the cost of a prize - whether new or fair used value.

* All direct costs (cost of item, preparation and shipping and so on), are taken into account, together with ongoing administrative expenses (website hosting, Gambling Commission licensing etc).

* A small amount is also added for the @20 Development Fund (to help build the profile, raise awareness and enable the Committee to ensure continued support and sustainability).

* Once all of the above has been calculated, the charity share (a minimum of 20%) then gets built into the equation to produce a final ticket price which will ensures that the Draw is viable.

The @20 Management Committee discuss and agree acceptable values and costs prior to a new Prize Draw being launched to ensure that a Draw is achievable, whilst also remaining true to both the initial concept and legal requirements by which we are bound.

Where can I find all the necessary details about the guitar / amp / pedal currently in a Prize draw..?

Please navigate to the 'Prize draws' section on the main @20 website and click on the Prize photo!

If I win, do I have to collect the item..?

No - the cost of delivering the prize to Mainland UK is factored into the ticket price.

Can I enter if I am outside of the UK..?

Yes, you are more than welcome!

The only proviso is that should any tickets be bought outside of Mainland UK, the entrant agrees to meet any additional shipping costs (and any local duties where applicable) - but only in he event of a win of course!

What happens if a Prize Draw doesn't sell enough tickets..?

In that unfortunate eventuality, the @20 Management Committee will declare that the given draw is unlikely to succeed and all tickets purchased prior to that declaration will be fully refunded.

Can I sell my gear through @20..?

Yes you can!

If you have a guitar, amp or piece of equipment which you believe would make a great prize, please send an email to admin@20community.com together with a few photos and we'll put it forward to the @20 Management Committee for consideration.

There are a few requirements:

* The item would need to be in good condition (vintage gear excepted) and in full working order.

* A fair used price will be agreed and offered by the @20 Management Committee.

* The item will need to come into the workshop for inspection, photos and preparation for listing in a prize draw.

* The item will need to be appropriately packed - @20 will cover the cost of insured courier collection.

* You will be paid as soon as the last ticket is sold for that prize draw.

This can be a relatively effortless way to sell your gear and help raise funds for a good cause at the same time. No one will expect you to literally give anything away, but naturally, viability and the ability to raise some useful funds will need to be taken into account.

How can I get advance notification of upcoming Prize Draws..?

Simply come and join us at the @20 Facebook Group!

Ok ok, I get it... I love the concept and want to join in - how do I take part and have the chance to win something cool..?

Please head here to BUY TICKETS!!!

Get stuck in!

You know you want to... @20